The Milton Bicycle Club is an sporting group of cyclists with local knowledge and experience in the region.

Ontario Cycling Association

The MBC will be an OCA (Ontario Cycling Association) affiliated club for the 2022 season. An OCA membership is required to become a member of the MBC.

The 2022 season

Registration for the 2022 season is now open for existing club members. Check you email for the Pass Code required to complete your membership renewal.

Join The Club

If you are interested in joining the MBC for the first time, download and review the Membership Policy & Ride Guide. If you want to give the club a try, complete and sign Waiver form and return via email. We will contact you and arrange a club ride that you can join on a trial basis.

MBC Strava Page

All group rides are posted on the MBC's Strava Club site. You are not required to post your activities on Strava.

To access the MBC Strava page, create a free account on Strava (a paid acount is not required) and search the club directory for "Milton Bicycle Club". You will see current ride listing with dates, times, routes, and additional information regarding the ride.

MBC Group Rides

All BMC group rides start at Scott Family Park. The route and schedule are posted on the club's Strava page.

A Group

The A group is for experienced cyclist with lot's of traing and good fitness.

Pace: The average pace will be 34 km/hr.

Distance: 80-110 km on Saturdays and 100+ km on Sundays

B Group

This group is for experienced cyclist who have been riding for a few years and can travel longer distances at a faster pace.

Pace: The average pace will be 30 km/hr.

Distance: 65-100 km on Saturday rides and 100+ km on Sundays

C Group

This group is an ideal option for casual cyclist looking for a relaxed experience or those new to group riding.

Pace: The average pace will be 24 km/hr.

Distance: 45-65 km on Saturday/Sunday rides.