Welcome to the 2018 cycling season for the Milton Bicycle club which represents our 4th season as an official club and sure to be even better then the last.


Beyond the fun we intend to have on our regular weekend rides, we will be adding a few new club exclusive events and rides. In particular, as the weather warms, there will be weekday rides leaving Milton at approx. 6:30 in the evening.


Membership and club registration is all processed online through CCN. You will able to secure your OCA affiliation and Milton Bicycle Club registration all in one place any may a single payment online.


Club registration must be complete before you participate in any club related events.


You must be a provide proof of registration of the OCA affiliate club program. If you are already a member of a recognized club in Ontario and have OCA coverage through that club, you are not required to purchase additional coverage. Also as a UCI race license holder you will also be covered with the required insurance. This is true of any cycling discipline you have a license in.

Racing is an option that will be available to members however it is not a requirement and strictly the decision of each individual. However if you do choose to compete you will be able to race as a MBC club member wearing the MILTON BICYCLE CLUB kit.

Citizen permits will also be available to those that choose that route through the OCA.


As a member of MBC you must read and agree to the rules of the club as outlined in the risk management plan. This can be read here. A copy to sign will be included in your registration package. Not following the general rules of the club will result in expulsion of the club and fees will not be refunded. Many or the rules an laws are common sense but must be followed. Our future as a club depends on the consistent application and adherence to these ruse as they have been put forth. Among these rules the most important is respecting all road users including motor vehicles and other cyclist, by obeying the rules of the road and keeping others and yourself safe by riding smart and wearing you helmet at all times.


All riders are also responsible for reading and agreeing to the Milton Bicycle club Policies as they are outlined in the Risk Management Pla which is attached.


Riders are also responsible for and agree to the following:


1) For road rides, you must have a road bike with drop handlebars and smooth road tires. The bike must be in perfect running order, have front and rear brakes and cannot be a single speed of fixed gear bike.

2) You must be able to change a flat tire and have a tube and air supply.

3) You must have enough food or water to sustain you over the full distance of the ride.

4) You must carry a phone, ID and cash in case of an emergency

5) You must arrive to the designated ride departure location early to ensure the ride leaves on time.

6) Clipless pedal are not mandatory, but are highly recommended.

7) Helmets must be worn at all times with no exceptions

8) Become familiar and agree and follow all rules as they are outlined in our Risk Management Plan (made available before or first ride).

9) Official club rides are only those that have been communicated in an official email and a route has been planned prior to departure

10) Riders must ride and behave in a respectful manner to other club members and vehicles sharing the road.

11) Riding in a double pace line or single pace line as the road road conditions dictate.

12) Non club members that are “caught on the road” are not invited to continue at stay with the group as they become a liability.


Not following these rules may result in suspension or revoking your membership in the MBC


If there are any questions on any of these rules as they have been outlined above and in our Risk Management Plan, Please contact us directly.